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Spiritual publications, stunning altar paintings and meditators' accessories

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Your spirit of inquiry with our publications based on indigenous knowledge from the Sanskrit heritage.


Stunning sacred altar art from monastery relics and meditative classical music of the maestros.


Authentic spiritual philosophy teachings of Himalayan monks and intonated chanting by Vedic priests.

The meditation teachings along with lifestyle guidance are deeply transformative. If there is a way to end suffering and live in peace and joy, then surely Sanskrit-based teachings point the way.

Jelena J.

The indigenous Sanskrit wisdom, offered in its purest form by His Holiness Swami Vidyadhishananda, began shifting my understanding of life in profound ways, giving me a renewed sense of purpose.

Jonathan S.
Inspiration & Guidance

Adept Monks

Our publications are guided and researched by a team of extraordinary monks who are Sanskrit experts serving the Hansavedas mission. They combine deep meditative insights with erudite Sanskrit scholarship to oversee this unique collection of publications suited for seekers, devotees and meditators.

The Teachings

Holistic Curriculum

Introducing a rare Himalayan tradition of higher yoga, meditation, mindfulness and spiritual philosophy.

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Our fellowships, guided meditation services, workshops and retreats are designed to empower you with tools to live mindfully and meditate deeply. Connect with our worldwide community at a fellowship or livestream with His Holiness Swami Vidyadhishananda.

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