Self Enquiry Life Fellowship is a United States Nonprofit established to preserve and disseminate indigenous knowledge from the ancient Sanskrit heritage, including extant literature, spiritual practices of Vedic antiquity, Himalayan yoga-vinyasa and meditation techniques of unbroken lineages. The Nonprofit makes accessible through its educational publications: the spiritual philosophy passed down by the lineages of Vedic monks, vintage images of Indic lore, intonated chanting and sublime recitation of Sanskrit hymns, Vedic fine arts and classical music.

The educational publications represent a holistic curriculum based on an accelerated whole-brain learning system derived from the Vedic shruti method and Himalayan meditation techniques taught by adepts. The lineages of adepts, teachers, initiates, volunteers and the fellowship of seekers and devotees who serve this nonprofit platform, adhering to Vedic principles of mindful living, make up the Hansavedas Sangha.

A worldwide community of seekers participates in the Nonprofit’s offering of public lectures, livestream fellowships, wellness workshops, meditation retreats, healing prayer services, initiations into Himalayan meditation, and authentic Vedic fire ceremonies. In Southern California, where the Nonprofit has its headquarters, the Fellowship gathers on a weekly basis and meditation services are led by Himalayan monk, His Holiness Swami Vidyadhishananda. Discourses on spiritual wisdom and performances on ancient Vedic fine arts and music provide a forum for cultural transmission (Sanskriti).

Much of the Sanskrit literature lives on as a universal heritage for humankind with great relevance to modern society as a bridge between science and spirituality. Self Enquiry Life Fellowship was founded to establish a legacy in the West, harnessing the wisdom of ancient monastic lineages, to restore Sanskrit spiritual wealth and make it more accessible. The Nonprofit is developing a resource-based website which will outline a holistic curriculum of meditation practices and display an archive of rare meditative arts.

Our outreach programs are sustained solely by the participation and support of the spiritual, professional and academic communities. Grassroots volunteers and supporters of our mission bring to fruition exemplary projects to facilitate dissemination of ancient wisdom for the benefit of modern society. The Hansavedas fellowship welcomes you to explore, enquire and experience.