Framed and limited edition vintage art prints are shared with the public primarily via a silent auction at the Nonprofit's annual benefit known by its Sanskrit name, Sattwadharman. Some of the rare prints are signed with a citation by the head monk, His Holiness Swami Vidyadhishananda, for posterity. Anti-reflective glass is used for framing to honour the quality and timelessness of the work. The Hansavedas sangha shares its choicest releases during the silent auction at our annual spiritual benefit event.

In addition the organization is building relationships with galleries and museums in order to feature the release of albums and larger collections at public exhibitions in the near future. When such exhibitions become feasible, regular purchase of framed art might become possible through these additional avenues of release. Until then, besides the framed art and photos made available at the annual Sattwadharman Benefit event, select unframed prints are available here.