Our exquisite 8x10 inch prints of re-envisioned monastery art relics are designed for smaller spaces or for personal altars. Each piece is meticulously re-painted and/or digitally remastered under the guidance of our monastics before printing on archival quality paper using the giclée printing method. This ensures artwork longevity and faithful colour reproduction to retain the nuances of our meticulous remastering work.

Giclée pronounced as “zjhee-clay” is French for fine spray or spurting the color via a nozzle like mechanism. The name was adopted to refer to the printing process of spraying millions of tiny drops of high-pressure ink per second onto acid free paper or canvas to produce an archival quality print. These prints faithfully reproduce all the colours retaining maximum vibrancy and subtle details of an artwork. The ink and the substrate last about a lifetime, and thus the prints are deemed archival. It is a technique that has gained credibility for its superior archival properties and longevity.

The printed pieces are individually hand cut before they are stored inside archival sleeves. We recommend using 1/8 inch or 3mm grab when matting these prints; otherwise they can be inserted directly into a frame meant to fit an 8 x 10 inch print without any matting.