Our digital printing for fine art reproduction of paintings and photos use the Giclée method on highest quality archival cotton rag paper. Giclée pronounced as “zjhee-clay” is French for fine spray or spurting the color via a nozzle like mechanism. The name was adopted to refer to the printing process of spraying millions of tiny drops of high-pressure ink per second onto acid free paper or canvas to produce an archival quality print. These prints faithfully reproduce all the colours retaining maximum vibrancy and subtle details of an artwork. The ink and the substrate last about a lifetime, and thus the prints are deemed archival. It is a technique that has gained credibility for its superior archival properties and longevity.

In comparison, making lithographic copies of original artwork or photos can perhaps reduce the unit cost per item, but initial outlay tend to be expensive. There is also the restriction of reproduction sizes due to the size of the printing press. Moreover, lithographic inks are not so resistant to the attrition of storage. Lithographic reproductions can rapidly lose their vibrancy unless the prints are glazed and stored under muted light. Whereas Giclée prints are not restricted to a particular size of reproduction and have lasting archival properties.

Our state-of-the-art Giclée printing process is complemented by high-quality archival paper. Larger sized pieces are printed on museo cotton rag paper, while 8 x 10 inch pieces are printed on velvet fine art paper. This is our way to honour your interest as well as ensure product longevity and faithful colour reproduction which retains the nuances of our painstakingly meticulous restoration. Several proofs are made in order to correct the colour saturation until our team is satisfied with the result.

Our framed vintage photos and restored paintings have anti-reflective glass. These framed prints are typically available for purchase through a silent auction or via buy it now price at our annual benefit event. This annual benefit event is called Sattwadharman in Sanskrit; the name reflects our nonprofit dharma of holistic curriculum, service projects, and meditation practices.

Our 8 x 10 inch prints of restored art are designed for smaller spaces or for personal altars. The printed artworks are individually hand cut before they are stored inside archival sleeves. We recommend using 1/8 inch or 3mm grab when matting alongside framing these prints; otherwise these prints can be inserted directly into a frame meant to fit an 8 x 10 inch print without any matting.