Explore this series of publications that unfolds ancient Vedic classical music in the light of meditation. Listen to the entrancing music of maestros, savants and adepts who are capable of reproducing the ancient mystique of the Vedic times. Music publications are available to purchase or rent on our digital media portal, multimedia.hansavedas.org. Your digital purchase of music through our Multimedia website will allow you to access your purchased music on a computer, mobile device, smart TV, and other devices. Watch our tutorial video to learn more.


MardalaSwanam features percussion maestro Mannargudi R. Vasudevan who is known to be one of the fastest drummers in Indian classical music. The composition presents rare meditative rhythmic cycles using a type of mardala, a barrel-shaped drum, made specifically to be played on both sides as a percussion instrument. The Vedic musical instruments under the Sanskrit name mardala include many kinds of cylindrical or barrel-shaped drums.  

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GhataKalpanam features the legendary percussion maestro T. H. Vinayakram. The composition presents rare meditative rhythmic cycles on the ghata, a baked clay pot. Vikku Vinayakram, as is he is popularly known, is a disciple of the wondrous monk of India, His Holiness Swami Chandrashkharendra Saraswati. The founding monk of Self Enquiry Life Fellowship, His Holiness Swami Vidyadhishananda requested Sri Vikku to recreate the Vedic rhythmic mystique aligned with the Chidambaram tradition attributed to Lord Natarāja Shiva on the ghata-vādya-yantra. This album is special for its vocal expressions introducing the rhythmic beats. 

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VīnāVyoman features the renowned violin maestro Kumaresh Rajagopalan. He is widely regarded in Indian classical music for his collaborative music projects with his elder brother, Ganesh Rajagopalan. Violin is known by the name Dhanurvīnā in Sanskrit, and has preserved its niche role as a solo instrument since the Vedic times, as is evident in the meditative mystique of this music. VīnāVyoman was completed after a year-long study of cosmic soundscapes of deep space alongside discussions on related chanting intonations with the founding monk of Self Enquiry Life Fellowship, His Holiness Swami Vidyadhishananda.

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VīnāSāman features the renowned vīnā maestro Jayanthi Kumaresh. Starting as a child prodigy, Jayanthi has been enthralling music connoisseurs on the world stage for the last 25 years with her soulful expressions through the national instrument of India. This meditative music composition was inspired by the SāmaVeda mantra repertoire and its hidden melodies. The album was completed after a three year comparative study between vocal chanting intonations and instrumental melody inflections, and several academic discussions with the founding monk of Self Enquiry Life Fellowship, His Holiness Swami Vidyadhishananda.

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