Dwārakā Krishna Shrine Art Print

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Dwārakā Krishna Shrine
Reproduction of oil painting on canvas derived from vintage art. Giclée print on high-quality archival paper.

8 x 10 inches

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Exquisite reproduction of a fine art relic transformed into a stunning oil painting, bringing the altar of Dwaraka Krishna to life. A black and white photo of the principal black stone altar of Dwārakādhiśa Kr̥śṇa Temple was repainted and transformed while highlighting the key features. Thus the body of Krishna was painted blue while the cloth portion was painted golden yellow as per the Sanskrit scriptural description of the Trivikrama form of the Lord. Besides the disctinctive Vaishnavaite marking on his forehead, he is shown holding the mace on his upper right hand, chakra on the upper left, lotus flower on the lower right, and conch on the lower left. It is noteworthy how the lower palms are have face open while the upper palms facing inward are bent at the root of the fingers. The feet visible below the cloth are covered with brass decorative armours.

This main altar of the Dwārakādhiśa temple, situated in the famous coastal port city in Jamnagar district, is one of main destinations of pilgrims and devotees to this part of the state of Gujarat, India. The main temple of Dwārakādhiśa temple complex that houses this altar of Lord Krishna stands on elevated ground and has a flight of 56 steps leading up from the Gomati river.

Traditionally, modern Dwaraka is identified from the voluminous historical text of Mahābhārata as Krishna's city. Ancient Dwaraka sank in sea and hence is an important archaeological site. The layout of the excavated city of Dwārakā, along with the spread and location of fort walls and bastions, match the descriptions mentioned in Harivamśa, a prologue to Mahābhārata. The description given in the Mahābhārata and with greater detail in Harivamśa agrees to a large extent with the topographical features and location of Dwāraka.

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