Anatomy & Physiology: Yogic Context

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This book is a compendium of information on the systems of the human body and their structural and functional aspects. It explains the scientific mechanisms and effects of yogic practices on all body systems and can be considered as a holistic guide to yoga followers. It aims to develop a scientific vision in everyone, as was the intense urge of Swami Kuvalayananda, the founder monk of Kaivalyadhama.

The basic and applied knowledge of body systems in relation to yoga is expounded to improve the scientific understanding of yoga for all aspirants, teachers, and experts alike. The basic theoretical knowledge includes both the material of traditional texts as well as the interpretation of that material through scientific means.

The scientific interpretation is aided by the parameters of anatomy and physiology on a gross level, and by the parameters of psychology and metaphysics on a subtle level. These parameters are simply explained in the form of different body systems, which are all connected and influence each other. Comprehension is made easier by first learning each system separately, followed by understanding how each system is related to other systems, and finally how the yoga influences all of these systems. A variety of applications are offered, such as prevention and management of yogic injuries as well as suitable asanas for menstruation and pregnancy, for example.

This book is an excellent reference for any Yoga coursework, including Yoga teacher training, and is intended to assist in learning within these courses. The contents will allow one to choose suitable practices for oneself or for one’s students, while avoiding false claims, overuse, and misuse of the practices. “Through this book, the author aspires to make scientific base of Yoga teachers as firm as possible.”

Title: Anatomy & Physiology: Yogic Context
Author: Dr. Sharadchandra Bhalekar
Publisher: Kaivalyadhama Yoga Institute, Swami Kuvalayananda Marg, Maharashtra, India
Publication Date: August 2018, second edition March 2018
Total Pages: 196
Language: English
Binding: Paperback with colour paper jacket
ISBN: 978819345181-6

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