Devotional Rapture of Pure Love ~ DVD

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Prepare for an extraordinary discourse by His Holiness Swami Vidyadhishananda on what love feels like in its purest essence. Only when love is unconditional does it become possible to grasp how one can surrender unconditionally to God. However, more often love is 'shrunken' in some way. Through these sublime teachings, we learn how love is shrunken when mixed with knowledge and an awareness of wealth, opulence or power. Ironically, showing reverence to God can imply a shrunken love. 

The ultimate fulfillment in life comes through unalloyed love. Faith is always involved in the seeking of that fulfillment. But what is faith? An important distinction is made here between faith in God and reverential faith. Herein reverential faith is presented as faith in the word of God. The discourse elucidates on the foundations of love, faith, grace and seeking of knowledge. Four kinds of grace are depicted. We also learn that the eight symptoms of rapture outlined in the Sanskrit literature are not just emotional states but have a devotional dimension as tangible markers of grace. Therefore, the same states that are emotional responses to worldly situations also manifest as divine experiences during devotional rapture. To illustrate the wisdom teachings about devotion and divine love, the discourse is interwoven with beautiful stories about the childhood pastimes of Lord Krishna. This fellowship with Swami Vidyadhishananda was offered in Los Angeles, California on 28th August 2013 to mark Krishna’s birthday (Janmāshtami).

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