VinaSaman - Celestial Melodies of the Vina ~ CD

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VīnāSāman – classical music CD features the renowned vīnā maestro Jayanthi Kumaresh. Starting as a child prodigy, Jayanthi has been enthralling music connoisseurs on the world stage for the last 25 years with her soulful expressions through the national instrument of India. Growing up in a familial lineage of musicians, she was greatly influenced by her maternal uncle, the legendary violinist Sri Lalgudi Jayaraman. Her mentors include her maternal aunt, Smt Padmavathy Ananthagopalan and vīnā maestro Sri Sundaram Balachander. Her projects include collaborations with her husband and violin maestro Kumaresh Rajagopalan.

This meditative music composition by maestro Jayanthi Kumaresh was inspired by the SāmaVeda mantra repertoire and is part of a preservation project undertaken by the Nonprofit to record and archive authentic Vedic music and chants. VīnāSāman was completed after a three year comparative study between vocal chanting intonations and instrumental melody inflections. The last track of this CD features the voice of His Holiness Swami Vidyadhishananda, the founding monk of Self Enquiry Life Fellowship. An article based on his commentary is presented in an enclosed booklet along with an introduction to the Nonprofit’s mission and noble projects.

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