Ādi-Vināyaka (Ancient Ganeśa) Art Print

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Ādi-Vināyaka (Ancient Ganeśa)

Reproduction of oil painting on canvas derived from vintage art. Giclée print on high-quality archival paper.

8 x 10 inches

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Ganesha without a trunk! Have you ever wondered how Ganeśa may have appeared with a human head? Would you believe that ancient Ganeśa had a human head before being transplanted with an elephant’s head?

A rare masterpiece, this painting is an exquisite reproduction of a fine art relic transformed into a stunning oil painting, bringing the altar of Ādi-Vināyaka (ancient Ganeśa) to life. Herein, Ādi-Vināyaka implies foremost form of Vināyaka, who is also known as Gaṇapati – the ruling lord of all humans and super-humans – who is the elder son of Lord Shiva (the ruling lord of time).

A small relic painting of the altar of Ādi-Vināyaka Temple was painted, remastered and transformed while highlighting the key features. His very human face is showing serenity. The right foot is touching the floor, while he is seated with left leg folded. He is shown wearing a traditional South Indian cloth (adhovastram), with symbolic, energized decorative armours (āyudha) in the upper two hands; the lower right hand is in a blessing mūdrā while the lower left hand is resting with contentment.

This altar of Ādi-Vināyaka who is nara-mukha (human-faced before transplantation of elephant head) is a regularly worshipped shrine in the Muktheeswarar Temple near Thilatharpanapuri (Koothanoor in Mayavaram – Thiruvaroor Road) in Tamil Nadu, India. This altar is the only human form of Gaṇapati known in India.

This form of Vināyaka is considered to be the most ancient and is deeply embedded as part of the Tamil Shaivite culture before the Tamil Sangam era. Following the immersion of Dwārāvati due to the Meltwater Pulse 1B, the 49th descendant of the Draviḍa King led by Irunkovel-1 migrated with his clan into Tamil Nadu in and around 9400-9300 BCE. These migratory Vaishnavites (followers of Lord Vishnu) were accepted for settlement in Tamil Nadu by the native Tamil Saivites (followers of Lord Shiva).

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