Vasudeva Krishna Art Print

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Vasudeva Krishna
Remastered and restored vintage art. Giclée print on high-quality archival paper.

8 x 10 inches

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The remastering and re-envisioning of a painting relic by M. Ramaiah captures the light around the face and upper body of eight year old Lord Krishna. The painting was meticulously restored to depict the exact physical proportions, including distance between the eyes and facial dimensions, as per the Sanskrit literature mentioning Krishna’s boyhood features. The painting was created as a replica of the altar in Kerala, India, renowned as Guruvāyur Krishna.

As shown in this painting, Krishna is also referred to as the Blue Lord of the East. At age eight Krishna was able to win the battle with Kansa, the king of Mathura who tried to sacrifice Krishna several times prior to this last fight. Thereafter Krishna revealed his Lord of Dharma form to his parents, and gifted a rare uniquely sculpted bust of this form (as shown in this painting) to his mother Devaki for her worshipful solace. The altar was moved to Dwāraka, situated on the western sea coast, for worship but was thereafter submerged in the Arabian sea during the deluge that immersed the city of Dwāraka.

Just before Lord Krishna’s ascension he instructed his trusted disciple Uddhava to have Brihaspati (guru of the gods) descend on earth and retrieve this precious altar. Upon hearing the prayers of Uddhava, Brihaspati (Guru) descended and invited the wind god (Vāyu) to dive into the sea and fetch this altar. Both Guru and Vāyu together carried the Krishna altar and went on a journey down the western sea coast and arrived at this current place of the temple in Kerala. Hence the name - Guruvāyur Krishna.

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